The ATMA Promise

ATMA Hotel Group's industry leading commitment to cleanliness and sanitation.



Guest and employee safety is our highest priority. We will enhance safety with the details outlined below.



Touchpoint areas will be made ready and disinfected with industry leading cleanliness applications. We will be ready for the next guest each and every stay!



All products and applications will be environmentally safe for guests, employees and four legged friends.



Hotel personnel will be well trained on our cleanliness and guest objectives. We are determined to implement cleanliness practices that go beyond brand and CDC guidelines.



ATMA will utilize the same disinfecting technology adopted by airlines and hospitals. In addition to clean and sanitized surfaces, we will upgrade the HVAC filtration system to deliver filtered and UV sanitized air.



You can rest easy knowing that we have made these commitments so that you will enjoy a safer and healthier stay!



We promise to continue pursuing new innovative ways to keep you safe so that you will enjoy staying with ATMA Hotel Group

Key Points

ATMA employees are required to wear masks and gloves while brand and CDC recommendations are in effect. All hotels will have sanitation stations throughout for guest and employee use.

ATMA managers and Employees will be certified in COVID business training by This training gives specific COVID-19 protocols for all businesses.

Through working with our hotel brands, we have determined specific touchpoint areas that will get special attention during our cleaning process, Touchpoints include the TV remote, door knobs, eating surfaces, bathroom sinks, etc. (Please see staff for complete list)

ATMA staff will use Victory Electrostatic handheld and backpack sprayers to disinfect rooms and public spaces. This innovative technology kills 99% of viruses and bacteria.

ATMA hotels will be equipped with industry leading RFG Air Purification Units for individual rooms and public spaces. These units are designed to remove mold, bacteria and viruses from the air as well as gas, odor and dust.

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